Fit-N-Trim classes are held at either our climate-controlled indoor facility at 108 Newburyport Turnpike, or at our outdoor ring or covered arena at 103 Haverhill Street. Throughout the year we offer a variety of workshops, seminars and special events.  The following is a list of classes currently offered.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Fit-N-Trim hosts special workshops, seminars and events throughout the year. Some of our recent offerings have included:

  • Intermediate & Beginner Weave Poles with Karen Gorman
  • Setting the Lines with Laura Dolan 
  • Rear Cross Seminar with Kris Thober
  • Choose to Move with Laura Dolan
  • Work Those Crosses with Laura Dolan
  • Jumping Skills with Amanda Shyne
  • OneMind Handling Techniques with Jessica Ajoux
  • Knee Injury Prevention for Handlers with Karen Kay
  • Improving Your 2-On 2-Off Contact Performance with Kris Thober
  • Distance Skills with Karen Gorman
  • OneMind Dog Techniques with Kris Thober
  • Agility Run-throughs
  • Agility Games
  • Barn Hunt Trials