In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Fit-N-Trim hosts special workshops, seminars and events throughout the year.


Understanding lines for both dogs and handlers, and how it can help you decide which moves are best

  • Confused about “lines” and why they’re so important in running a course?
  • Do you know what the “dog’s line” is, and what the “handler’s line is?
  • Do you get confused about which handling technique to use?
  • How do you change a line, and why would you want to?
  • Keep your dog on course by understanding where the dog is coming from and where the dog wants to go by handling lines!

This 2 hour workshop with Kris Thober will explain why you need to start thinking about a course in terms of lines rather than focusing on the obstacles. You will learn to use lines to help you make the right handling choices, and to keep your dog on course.

This seminar is for advanced beginners through masters. We will only be using jumps, tunnels and a table. Sequences will be short, 8-10 obstacles.

Day Time Start Date Status Location
Saturday 3:00 – 5:00 PM
Feb. 22
Full 103 Haverhill St.

Cost: $65.00 for working teams • $35 for auditing
Class will be limited to 8 working teams •  unlimited auditing spots.

Please register on-line below, and send your check to Fit-n-Trim, 103 Haverhill St., Rowley, MA 01969