In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Fit-N-Trim hosts special workshops, seminars and events throughout the year. 


REACTIVE DOGS: Presented by Emma Schneidkraut
5 week class, starting Saturday, October 13

If your dog overreacts by growling, barking, and/or pulling towards other dogs, strange people, cars, bikes, or wildlife while on leash, behind a fence or at your windows, Reactive Dog class may be the perfect fit. This is a class designed to help you manage your dog’s behavior and help them cope more appropriately in an over-stimulating world. We provide a controlled environment to practice real world skills to curb your dog’s reaction.

Emma Schneidkraut began her training career as a training and behavior intern at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, Colorado, where she provided behavior modification to shelter dogs to make them adoption candidates. Emma currently is a training and behavior coordinator at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, NH. At the SPCA she also provides training and enrichment for shelter dogs, group classes, and private training for the public. She also works with a network of veterinary hospitals throughout southern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts providing in-home training and public classes.

Day Time Date Location
Saturday 2:00 PM October 13 108 Newburyport Turnpike

Cost: $175 | Limit: 5 students


THE EMOTIONAL LIFE OF DOGS: Presented by Maureen Beaudet

October 28, 10 AM–Noon
Location:108 Newbury Turnpike (Rte. 1), Rowley MA

The Emotional Life of Dogs: Build a better understanding of your dog and gain new insight into their emotions and relationships with people. Based on the latest research, learn why your dog makes certain choices and how to improve communication. Recognizing their needs can make a better and safer family member, a more enjoyable companion or impact their performance in dog sports. 

Please join us for a free-of-charge* two hour presentation including discussion. 

*Pre-registration required



Amanda Shyne will be at Fit-n-Trim on November 10th, presenting two half day workshops:

WICKED WEAVES: This class is for dogs who can already do 12 straight poles, but are now ready to fine-tune their poles. Class exercises will focus on teaching dogs to independently find their pole entry, and to weave fast, with confidence, while disregarding distractions on the course.

Day Time Date Location
Saturday 9:00 AM — 12:30 PM November 10 103 Haverhill Street

Cost: $90 per team / $45 Audit
Prerequisite: Dogs must be capable of doing 12 straight poles

JUMP SKILLS: There are multiple jumping challenges required when running agility. This class is designed with exercises that will teach your dog how to select an appropriate take-off location, how to collect before taking-off, while building strength and stamina. These are skills that will improve your dog’s ability to successfully navigate today’s agility courses.

Day Time Date Location
Saturday 1:30 — 5:00 PM November 10 103 Haverhill Street

Cost: $90 per team / $45 Audit
Prerequisite: Dogs must already be jumping at their competition height level



Stefanie has developed her own style of teaching with the guidance and expertise of her mother, Renee. She honed her teaching style under the mentorship of renowned dog trainer, Diane Bauman. Stefanie frequently attends seminars to stay current on the latest agility trends. During 2013, Stefanie had the opportunity to work with One Mind Dog’s leading coaches Jaakko Suoknuuti & Janita Leinonen. At first, learning anything new can seem daunting, but Stefanie and her dogs quickly adapted to this new form of communication. Stefanie learned to see from the dog’s point of view and she and her dogs benefited from it. Stefanie was recently named as a One Mind Dog Assistant Coach. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of the sport with her students.

Stephanie will teach a full day of handling on Masters level courses Saturday, October 6th. On Sunday, October 7th, she will teach two half-day sessions: the morning class will be for Advanced teams and young dogs. Afternoon will be for puppies and foundation work.



Day Time Date Location
Saturday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM October 6 103 Haverhill Street

Cost: $190 • Limited to 10 teams REGISTER


Day Time Date Location
Sunday 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM October 7 103 Haverhill Street

Cost: $95 • Limited to 10 teams  FULL



Day Time Date Location
Sunday 1:00 – 4:30 PM October 7 103 Haverhill Street
Cost: $95 • Limited to 10 teams  REGISTER


Stefanie Rainer is an accomplished dog agility handler and teacher. She is also a judge for the American Kennel club. With 17 years of experience, she has been competing and achieving new goals since she was seven-years-old. Stefanie has earned many titles on multiple breeds including a Papillion, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and three Border Collies. Stefanie actively competes in AKC, USDAA, and UKI events with her Border Collies Spree and Nike.

Included in Stefanie’s list of achievements are:

  • Competed in seven AKC National and six USDAA national competitions 
  • 2011 Grand Prix Finalist at Cynosport World Games
  • 2012 Eastern Canadian Regional Steeplechase Champion
  • 2012 New England Regional Grand Prix silver medalist
  • 2013 North Central Regional Steeplechase bronze medalist
  • 2013 Fionia Cup large dog finalist
  • Competed in the 2014 UKI US Open
  • 2015 AKC NAC 20” finalist finishing in 7th place
  • 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Performance Speed Jumping Champion
  • 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Performance Grand Prix Champion
  • 2015 New England Regional Performance Speed Jumping Champion
  • 2015 New England Regional Performance Grand Prix silver medalist
  • 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional Performance Speed Jumping bronze medalist
  • 3 time AKC/USA European Open large dog team member