In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Fit-N-Trim hosts special workshops, seminars and events throughout the year.

Registration Opens August 11

John Nys will be returning to Fit-n-Trim to present two half-day workshops on October 5. 

Young Dog Foundation (For dogs six months or older)
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

  • It all begins with a solid foundation!  This seminar is designed for young/green dogs and anyone who wants to re-visit foundation basics. It is designed to help you build a strong foundation with your young/green dog and reinforce proper communication with your partner through a series of skills and drills. 
  • Connection / Collection – It’s all about connection collection! Staying connected on course is essential to keep your dog connected with you while developing collection to create spectacular turns.
Day Time Start Date Status Location
Saturday 9:00 AM October 5 Register 103 Haverhill St.

Class limited to 10 working teams
Cost: $100 • Audit Cost: $55


Advanced / Masters Handling
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Day Time Start Date Status Location
Saturday 2:00 PM October 5   FULL
103 Haverhill St.
Class limited to 10 working teams
Cost: $100 • Audit Cost: $55

John has been involved in animal training for over 25 years. John started his devotion to training horses from an early age. John has won multiple National Championships with his horses and was the Massachusetts National Barrel Horse Rodeo Champion in 2002.

John Nys has been competing on the Local, National and International dog agility stage for over 15 years. During this time he has become one of the most respected competitors and instructors in agility. He is well known for his positive motivation and mental management/coaching with his students and his canine companions. Size doesn’t matter when competing in dog agility, as John has competed successfully with multiple canine partners in the small, medium and large dog divisions resulting in John realizing his dreams and achievements at all height levels. John is a 13- time International World Team Member with 4 different canine partners. He has represented the US 6 times as an AKC World Team member at the FCI World Championships, 4 times at the European Open Championships and on the 2015 World Agility Open US Team with Trick and Rush.  In 2010, John and Rush took home the FCI Silver Medal in Individual Agility, FCI Silver Medal in the Individual Overall Combined, and the FCI Silver Medal in Team Jumping in 2010. In 2014, John and Rush took home the FCI Silver Medal in Team Agility and the FCI Gold Medal in Team Overall Combined events.  In 2015 John and Rush took home Silver in the WAO Team Event. John and Rush are one of the most decorated US world agility team members with 5 Silver Medals and 1 Gold Medal in the individual agility, jumping and team events.

John has been a consistent finalist at the AKC National Agility Championships and USDAA World Cynosport Grand Prix/Steeple Chase Championships on over a dozen occasions, placing in the top 3 on over 8 occasions and winning the USDAA World Cynosport Grand Prix Championships in 2010. John has also won numerous USDAA Regional Championships and ISC High Combined Titles with multiple canine partners.

John’s accomplishments have been earned and realized thru the dedication and training of all his canine partners, for which none of this would have been possible without them all. (Casey, Blink, Rush , Trick and Boss)


Struggling with distractions? Aren’t we all?!?!?!?!This seminar will provide you and your teammate(s) with the skills to ignore/not alert, recognize, and generally avoid those pesky distractions (natural to the environment or planted by the judges). This seminar will NOT be a cure-all, but is intended to give you the tools to build a solid foundation in your team’s scent work journey.


Open to all Levels!

Day Time Start Date Status Location
TBA TBA TBA   108 Newburyport Tpk.
Cost: $75   •   Audit spot: $45
Requirements: Must be on birch and be able to source more than one hide.
(We welcome dogs never exposed to distractions as well.)