Fit-N-Trim classes are held at either our climate-controlled indoor facility at 108 Newburyport Turnpike, or at our outdoor ring at 103 Haverhill Street.

Note: You may register online for classes up to two days before they are scheduled to start. If you would like to register for a class within two days of the class start date, please call 978-948-2745 to confirm that space is available.

At FNT we are committed to everyone’s safety and we are doing our part to lessen the impact of this virus. After May 18 we plan to begin running small 4-5 person classes outside in our fenced sand ring, where there is plenty of space.

We will be doing our best to keep training safely and to adhere to social distancing regulations. To this end we have instituted the following rules for our facility:

  • Smaller class size
  • All students and instructor need to wear a mask
  • Only one person per dog may attend class (to keep number of people low, sorry no children or partners)
  • No person to person contact
  • When in class stay at your designated station
  • Only the instructor will touch the gates and equipment
  • Bring your own chair, dog bed, mat or toys if needed
  • Potty your dog before entering the training area
  • Please use common sense and respect others
  • Any play time will be limited to 2 dogs together at a time

 We thank you for your patience and understanding in these hard times. Please stay in touch, we will all need to stick together figuring out our new normal.

If you have questions or problems call 978-948-2745.

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN (for puppies 2-5 months old)

Puppy Kindergarten is a six week course that gives puppies an opportunity to learn the basic skills that will make them happy, confident companions. The first class is an introductory session for owners without their puppies. The focus is on skills such as sit, stay, no jump, grooming, and walking comfortably on lead. Puppies also learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs during play time. Puppy Kindergarten offers a gentle, friendly, active environment in which puppies can have fun learning to be good citizens and family members.

We realize that young dogs especially need training at that critical young age so we will be trying to accommodate them while keeping both students and instructors safe. Our format will be changing a little due to the circumstances of being outside and the puppies lacking social interaction:

  • We will send you a lecture video to watch BEFORE class
  • Week one will be with your dogs: 15 minutes of Q&A; the introduction of a behavior or two; work on socialization; and finally, how to handle not being able to let dogs socialize as well (for example: when walking in woods, how do you pass another dog and person while maintaining distance)
  • We have also prepared a new handout: “How to Socialize a Puppy in a Pandemic” 
Day Time Start Date Status Location
Tuesday 6:00 PM
  103 Haverhill Street
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
June 18*
June 18*
103 Haverhill Street
Saturday 9:15 AM TBA
  103 Haverhill Street
Sunday 10:15 AM
  103 Haverhill Street

Puppy Kindergarten class meets one hour per week for six weeks. Cost: $165
*Weather permitting, class will be outside, if bad weather we will meet indoors.


This course is designed for dogs 6 months and older who have not mastered basic obedience skills. The course focuses on skills such as sit, down, stay, leave it, waking on lead, and come when called. Both voice and hand signals are introduced. The focus, as with all our obedience classes, is on establishing a bond of trust between the handler and the dog. The goal of the course is to help the dog become a good canine citizen and a valued family member while helping the handler establish the leadership needed to be successful.

Day Time Start Date Status Location

7:00 PM

June 18*
Register 103 Haverhill Street
Saturday 10:15 AM June 13*
Register 103 Haverhill Street

Basic Manners class meets one hour per week for six weeks. Cost: $165
*Weather permitting, class will be outside, if bad weather we will meet indoors.


Puppy 2 continues to focus on building a positive relationship between dog and handler and on the basic obedience commands that every puppy needs. It also adds distractions to ensure that your pup is reliable in real-life situations. Some agility obstacles are also introduced to add variety and interest.

An entry level class (Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners) or permission of the instructor is required for this class.

Day Time Start Date Status Location
Wednesday 5:45 PM June 17 Register 103 Haverhill Street
Thursday 6:00 PM TBA
Saturday 11:30 AM TBA    

Puppy 2/Intermediate Manners class meets one hour per week for six weeks. Cost: $165


Kris Thober teaches this drop-in class designed to give dogs the practice they need before competing. Please email Kris (thober@comcast.net) if you are interested as we need to ensure that the minimum class size is met.

Day Time Start Date Status Location
Wednesday 8:15 PM Ongoing Drop-in* 108 Newburyport Turnpike

This is a drop-in class. Cost: $25 per session.

Kim Kezer offers this class for those who want to compete in traditional obedience or rally, but who would also like to just have fun with their dogs while teaching them specific obedience exercises and self control exercises.

Day Time Start Date Status Location
Thursday 9:30 AM
108 Newbury Turnpike

**Email or call Karen to inquire about joining this class.
Class meets one hour per week for six weeks. Cost $160


Rally Obedience is a fun and exciting team sport for dogs and their handlers. In Rally-O, dogs and their handlers navigate a course guided by numbered signs, each of which indicates an exercise that they must perform successfully before proceeding to the next sign. The individual exercises are both fun and challenging. All dogs, purebred or mixed breed, may compete in Rally-O.

Dogs and handlers work on basic heeling and recall skills. Whether you are interested in competing or just want to spend some extra time having fun with your dog, Rally-O offers a positive, fun environment in which you can sharpen your dog’s basic obedience skills and bond with your dog.

Day Time Start Date Status Location
 Monday 7:00 PM   Ongoing*  108 Newburyport Turnpike
Weekly run-throughs. Cost: $20 per session
*Email or call Karen to inquire about joining this class.


Come get a judge’s perspective on your presentation. All ages, levels and breeds are welcome to this drop-in class.

Instructor Deb Kahla, an AKC judge for 20 years, has raised, trained and handled her own Golden Retriever’s for 50 years.

Day Time Start Date Location
Tuesday 8:30 PM TBA
108 Newburyport Turnpike
Drop-In • Cost: $20

REACTIVE DOGS Presented by Emma Schneidkraut


If your dog overreacts by growling, barking, and/or pulling towards other dogs, strange people, cars, bikes, or wildlife while on leash, behind a fence or at your windows, Reactive Dog class may be the perfect fit. This is a class designed to help you manage your dog’s behavior and help them cope more appropriately in an over-stimulating world. We provide a controlled environment to practice real world skills to curb your dog’s reaction.

Emma Schneidkraut began her training career as a training and behavior intern at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, Colorado, where she provided behavior modification to shelter dogs to make them adoption candidates. Emma currently is a training and behavior coordinator at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, NH. At the SPCA she also provides training and enrichment for shelter dogs, group classes, and private training for the public. She also works with a network of veterinary hospitals throughout southern New Hampshire and northeastern Massachusetts providing in-home training and public classes.

Day Time Date Status Location

4:30 PM

June 6
Full 108 Newburyport Turnpike

Week 1: First class will take place on Zoom
Cost: $210 | Limit: 5 students | There will be NO make-up classes for this class


Class Requirement: Dogs need to have taken Reactive Dogs 1 or have the approval of the instructor before taking t his class.

Day Time Date Status Location

2:00 PM
3:00 PM

  108 Newburyport Turnpike
108 Newburyport Turnpike

Cost: $210 | Limit: 5 students | There will be NO make-up classes for this class


A class for exuberant, mildly reactive, or easily aroused/overstimulated dogs to help them learn to relax, focus, and engage with their handlers in new exciting, and/or stressful environments

Who should take Control Unleashed class? What is the difference between Reactive dog 1 and Control Unleashed?

We recommend Control Unleashed vs. Reactive 1 for dogs who are more dog social, for people who have struggled handling their dog’s exuberance in agility or other classes, and for those who have gone through basic and intermediate and want to do more with their dogs.

Day Time Start Date Status
Saturday 5:45 PM June 6
108 Newburyport Turnpike
Cost: $210 | Limit: 6 participants


Enjoying off-leash walks is one of the joys of dog ownership, and a reliable come-when-called could even save your dog’s life some day. 

This class is designed for dogs who do not come when called when they are off leash, or who only come in certain circumstances. You will learn how to build a reliable recall from the bottom up by building your relationship with your dog through a series of games.

Day Time Date Status Location
Saturday 1:00 PM TBA   108 Newburyport Turnpike
 Monday 6:00 PM     108 Newburyport Turnpike
Class is for six weeks. Cost: $160
No prior training is necessary, but your dog must be friendly towards other dogs.


The Canine Good Citizen (GGC) program sponsored by K9 Advantix®, is a certification program designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. 

All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test (www.akc.org/events/cgc/training_ testing.cfm) may obtain a certificate from the American Kennel Club. 

Day Time Date Status Location
Tuesday 7:00 PM TBA   108 Newburyport Turnpike
Cost: $25