Fit-N-Trim classes are held at either our climate-controlled indoor facility at 108 Newburyport Turnpike, or at our outdoor ring or covered arena at 103 Haverhill Street. For all agility classes other than Beginner 1, please contact Karen to ensure that you and your dog are placed at the correct level. All agility classes except Beginner Agility 1 continue in six week blocks. Your instructor will let you know when a new six week session begins so you will know when payment is due.


  • Class Sessions: 1 hour/week for 6 weeks
  • Cost: $185
  • Prerequisite: Obility, Intermediate Manners, Puppy 2 or Come When Called
  • Dogs must be 10 months and up for Beginner Agility
  • Dogs must be friendly to attend group classes
  • Locations: 103 Haverhill St., Rowley, MA

Friday: 5:00 pm
May 3

Sunday: 11:00 am
June 2

  1. Build confidence,
  2. provide enrichment,
  3. introduce basic agility equipment, and
  4. teach some basic handling skills.

We will introduce agility training equipment, build dog’s focus to handler, as well as practice calm behavior while dogs wait their turn.

  • Class Sessions: 1 hour/week for 6 weeks
  • Cost: $185
  • Class size: 6 dogs
  • Locations: 108 Newbury Turnpike, Rowley, MA
  • Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners or any 6-week Obedience Course
  • Dogs must be 10 months or older and friendly

Wednesday: 5:00 pm
May 29


A class for dogs that have either not been introduced to the seesaw or weave poles yet. Also for dogs that have been introduced but still have not mastered, have fears, or are still using wires or/and open channels.

This class will start from the ground up, building positive behaviors and associations for both obstacles. All level dogs in class will start from step 1, so good for rehab dogs as well as newbies.

Seesaw methods will be the 2 tables method , and if needed, the old fashion low to high method. Weave pole method will be channel poles with wires, and possibly x pens for independent weave pole performance.

  • PREREQUISITES: Dogs must be 10 months or older, not be dog reactive and have taken a 6-week obedience class.
  • Class Sessions: 1 hour/week for 6 weeks.
  • Location: 103 Haverhill Street, Rowley, MA
  • Cost: $185


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Dogs and handlers learn to perform obstacles in sequence and continue working on their foundation skills. This class is held outdoors weather permitting or in our indoor covered arena (unheated).

  • Class Sessions: 1 hour/week for 6 weeks

  • Cost: $185

  • Location: 103 Haverhill St., Rowley, MA


Foundation Agility for puppies/young dogs. This class builds a strong agility foundation for body awareness, relationship skills, loving to work in distracting environment; all with toys, food, and praise. You will learn how to introduce age appropriate obstacles and build drive, obstacle and handler focus through fun games. We then continue to very short sequences to build on our own handler skills and incorporate more motion. With a strong foundation, the rest comes easy!! 

  • For dogs aged 3-18 months | Cost: $185
  • This class is offered periodically throughout the year. If you are interested, please email us at [email protected]

Dogs and handlers continue to sequence and work on individual obstacle performance. At this time we introduce handling skills such as rear crosses, front crosses and directionals.

  • Intermediate Agility meets 1 hour per week for six weeks

More difficult handling skills such as directionals and reverse flow pivots are introduced. Front and rear crosses are refined. We also introduce obstacle discrimination.

  • Intermediate/Advanced class meets one hour per week for six weeks. | Cost: $185
  • *ONGOING CLASSES: Call or email Karen to inquire about joining this class.


Fit-n-Trim offers on-going Advanced and Competition classes. If you are interested in joining one or want more information, please contact Karen at [email protected] to find out the times and dates currently available.