In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, Fit-N-Trim hosts special workshops, seminars and events throughout the year. FNT will also be hosting Scent Trials through out the year.

AGILITY “Appetizer

Want to try Agility? This class will introduce you to most of the agility obstacles.

Class Focus: Having fun with your dog and learning the obstacles. There will be very little handling or off leash running. If you want to have fun and provide an exciting learning environment for you and your dog, this is the place to start. This class will also improve your dog’s strength and body awareness as they learn how to correctly perform some basic agility obstacles.

Obstacles that will be used: Low Jumps, Table, Tunnel, PVC Ladder, Planks, Barrel, A-Frame, Dog Walk, Tire and Poles.

Sunday3:00 PMFebruary 6Full103 Haverhill Street
Sunday10:00 AMFebruary 13Register103 Haverhill Street
Sunday11:00 AMFebruary 13Full103 Haverhill Street
  • Agility Appetizer meets 1 hour for six weeks | Cost: $180 | Class size: 7 dogs.
  • Dress warmly: this class meets in our unheated agility arena.
  • This class is for dogs aged 10 months or older
  • Prerequisite Classes: Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners, or any 6 week Obedience class.
  • Dogs must be friendly for group classes.