Covid 19

At FNT we are committed to everyone’s safety and we are doing our part to lessen the impact of the Corona 19 virus.

We will be doing our best to keep training safely and to adhere to social distancing regulations. To this end we have instituted the following rules for our facility:

  • Smaller class size: limit 6 people per class
  • All students and instructor need to wear a mask
  • Only one person per dog may attend class (to keep number of people low, sorry no children or partners)
  • No person to person contact
  • When in class stay at your designated station
  • Only the instructor will touch the gates and equipment
  • Bring your own chair, dog bed, mat or toys if needed
  • Potty your dog before entering the training area
  • Please use common sense and respect others
  • Any play time will be limited to 2 dogs together at a time

We thank you for your patience and understanding in these hard times. Please stay in touch, we will all need to stick together figuring out our new normal.

 If you have questions  or problems call 978-948-2745.