KAREN GORMAN, Owner & Trainer

Karen graduated rom Essex Agricultural and Technical School in 1991. With her dog grooming certification, Karen’s career and love for dogs became a life style. Shortly thereafter Karen bought Tess, her German Shepherd dog and first agility dog, which opened many doors for her. Tess was a very special dog and she is missed greatly. Tess was known around the Agility circuit as “That German Shepherd from New England”. Tess had a very fast and flashy weave pole performance; they also used to say she was a Border Collie in Shepherd clothing! Visit our About Us page to see more about Karen’s dogs!

In 1995, Karen graduated from Julie Daniel’s 5 day instructor certification course held at the White Mountain School of Agility in New Hampshire. In 1996, she attended a 3 day Teaching Dog Agility seminar at All Dogs Gym in New Hampshire, taught by Jean McKenzie and Gail Fisher. Since then Karen has been teaching weekly classes and attending many agility camps and seminars. Karen has worked with many of the well-known agility icons: Elicia Calhoon, Monica Percival, Susan Garrett, Jen Pinder, Rhonda Carter, Brenda Buja, Marco Mouwen, and Julie Daniels.

Karen’s favorite things to do include hiking with her husband, John, and the dogs in the White Mountains. She especially enjoys Crawford Notch and Mount Cranmore. The dogs’ favorite thing is swimming in the lake after a nice hike.



Maureen Beaudet has spent a lifetime studying and applying training and behavior concepts in a variety of settings. As a graduate of Stonehill College and Tufts University, she’s worked with adolescents as a high school guidance counselor for the last 20 years. During that time, she owned and trained puppies and rescues, including border collies and golden retrievers. She raised and trained her Senegal parrot, Picca and adopted and trained her quarter horse, Tonka. Her first golden, Abby, was registered as a therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International. Maureen has trained in agility and scent work with two of her goldens and is currently competing in CPE with Gracie Mae. She lives with her husband, Mark and newest family member, golden doodle, Winnie.

Maureen has attended behavior trainings and seminars with Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Susan Friedman, Ken Ramirez, Dee Ganley and Tim Hayes. She is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Maureen recently earned an Animal Behavior and Welfare Certificate from the University of Edinburgh. Her passion for problem solving and building relationships with animals and people is based on the belief that learning should be a positive experience for all involved. Utilizing natural behaviors to enrich the lives of animals is an area of particular interest.


Madelyn Cirinna is a well-known local expert in dog behavior who brings a rich and diverse background to Fit-n-Trim. She was an early childhood and special education teacher for over 20 years. She was an Animal Care and Control Officer for 25 years. She is trained for Emergency and Disaster Response and gives talks on Bite prevention, Disaster preparedness, and Emergency First Aid.  For the past 30 years, she has also been an obedience and agility instructor.

Madelyn’s background and experience have instilled in her the importance of starting dogs out right from the time they are puppies.  She always seems to have a puppy in the household.  She has had several rescue and kennel dogs to help become loved household pets with new behaviors and training.  Madelyn has titled dogs in obedience, agility, confirmation, rally-o, herding, hunt tests, trick dog, Canine Good Citizen & therapy.  She has MACH, UD, and Champion dogs.  She has bred Shetland Sheepdogs and Border Collies and is an ACK Breeder of Merit.     

At Fit-n-Trim Madelyn brings her many years of experience working with dogs and their owners’ positive methods to build a strong relationship and the foundation they need to have a dog that is a great family companion.  Madelyn is an AKC Evaluator for CGC, CGCA, and Trick dog titles.  She believes training must be fun and that every moment spent with your dog is training.  Obedience training is not simply a dog learning commands, but a dog learning to learn and an owner learning to teach the dog in a way the dog can understand.


Rosemary Decie has always had a dog in her life, often more than one. Growing up she also her pets also included rabbits, cats and a horse. Rosemary’s dog agility and dog sport competition began several years ago when she took in a two-year old Jack Russell. This led to her Lab, Rhys, who came to her through her agility instructor who also happened to be a breeder.

In 2009, Rhys and Rosemary started to learn scent work, attending classes taught by Jean MacKenzie, Gail McCarthy and Carolyn Barney. It was a learning experience for both of them when they entered their first NASCW trial. Wanting to study more about this new sport she attended seminars by Amy Herot, Diana Santos, and Stacy Barnett. It was such an interesting sport that she applied to be a scent trial judge and started teaching.

Rhys received his NW1 title and has gone on to title and compete in PSD and USCSS trials. In addition to Rhys, Rosemary has another Lab, Chip, and a border/whippet, Milo. They all compete in various dog sports which keeps her very busy.


Heather had a love of animals since childhood. She spent many hours riding horses and caring for the  rabbits and chickens kept by her family. She grew up always having a “family dog,” but got her first dog as an adult in 2004. This dog, Nubis, was the one that started it all and put her on the path to dog training and dog sports. Nubis came with some behavioral issues; including fear aggression and severe generalized anxiety. This led to in‐depth training with her and then, eventually, found agility with the plan to just “exercise Nubis and have fun.” There was never any plan to compete, but they did and had fun and success.

Nubis never loved the agility game though, and this led Heather to get her second dog Finn, a Cattle Dog mix puppy, in 2010. They started training in agility and Finn definitely loves the agility game. He has earned his USDAA P‐ADCH and very close to earning his CPE C‐ATCH. They also trained in herding (ducks and sheep) and dabbled in competing. They compete in lure coursing, as well, which really takes no training, just a love of running fast!

Heather’s love of the Cattle Dog breed brought her to volunteering for Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association as a foster home. With this organization she is the go‐to person/resource for shy, feral, and fearful dogs. Heather loves working with these dogs and seeing them blossom.

Her third dog; Dahli, is a “failed” foster from ACDRA. Dahli came to Heather in 2012 as a feral dog terrified of everyone and everything. Pretty quickly on, it was clear that Dahli was going to stay as she fit right into the household. When Heather adopted Dahli she never had any intention of her being a sport dog. But with patience and consistent positive reinforcement, exposure and encouragement, Dahli has blossomed into an awesome sport dog with a love of working and competing. They have competed and earned titles in Rally Obedience (RL1), agility (CPE L1), Barn Hunt (RAT‐N, RAT‐O), and lure coursing (CA), and dabbled in Treiball.

Heather continues to take behavioral seminars (Sue Sternberg and Dee Ganley, among others) and agility seminars and workshops (Jessica Ajoux, Laura Dolan, Soshana Dos, John Nys, to name a few) as often as possible to improve and expand her knowledge base. She also attended Camp Gone to the Dogs in the fall of 2015. Her knowledge and experience with fearful and shy dogs allows her to think “outside the box” in working with dogs that need a confidence boost and always keeping things fun and positive. Heather is also a Professional Member of ADPT.


In 2007, Christina adopted a Boston Terrier-Chihuahua mix named Pippa and it set her on a path of learning about animal behavior and training. She used her training as an attorney to research training the methods and the science of behavior analysis and ethology in literature and seminars, and found that she enjoys sharing that knowledge with dogs and their owners.  

Christina and Pippa began agility at Fit-N-Trim in 2011, and the combination of dog training and competition got them hooked immediately. They began competing the next year, and after a period of apprenticeship, Christina began teaching Agility in 2014.  In addition to learning from the instructors at Fit-N-Trim, Christina has taken many agility seminars from talented handlers, including Julie Daniels, Amanda Shyne, Jessica Ajoux, Mary Champagne, and Soshana Dos.  She has also studied animal behavior with Dr. Ian Dunbar, Ken Ramirez, Sue Sternberg, and Dee Ganley.

Christina prides herself on learning and using only the most up-to-date, scientifically-sound training methods. She is a professional member of the APDT. Her goal is to create a class environment that promotes learning and forges a strong bond between each dog and its handler.  While training people and their dogs is Christina’ passion, she maintains her law practice in Boston.  She lives in Hamilton with her husband, two sons, and three dogs.



Kim grew up in Narragansett, RI and graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BS focusing on Aquaculture. She first became involved with animal training at Mystic Marinelife Aquarium, where she worked for 13 years with a variety of seals and sea lions, dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, fish and invertebrates. In 1998, she and her new husband moved to Massachusetts with their Rottweiler and cat. There Kim became a Senior Zoo Keeper with Zoo New England (Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo), where she gained experience with many land species including giraffe, primates, hippos and large cats. She is now the zoos’ Animal Training Advisor, educating staff on training methods and helping them develop training programs.

Kim and her husband now live in Amesbury with their two Irish Water Spaniels (IWS), Fiona and Selchie, and their cat, Diesel. Kim’s earlier experiences with animal training and her experience training her own dogs led her to the show ring with Fiona, her first Water Spaniel, who is now a breed champion with RN and CD titles in obedience. Kim and Fiona will compete at Westminster this year. They are also working on Fiona’s CDX and RA, and, in the field, on her JH (Junior Hunter) title. Fiona is only the 80th IWS in the history of the breed to earn the IWSCA All Around IWS award in recognition of her accomplishments. Fiona is the mother of Kim’s second IWS, Selchie, who was born in March, 2007. Selchie has a natural love of retrieving and has been great fun to train.

Kim began her formal career as a dog trainer after attending puppy classes with Fiona. Since then, she has taught a variety of courses including Tricks, Canine Good Citizen, and Therapy Dog. We are delighted that she is now bringing her wealth of training and competition experience to Fit-N-Trim.


Nadine Perry, grew up with dogs and inherited her love of animals from her father who was always rescuing a stray pup or dog. He would just come home with a new member of the family that someone had given him or was not wanted elsewhere. When she was 5, Nadine brought home her first stray. Happily for the dog her owners located her but even at 5, she was prepared to feed and train her.

Nadine learned about Agility from Julie Daniels, a well-know trainer and competitor and ultimately joined an agility club and began teaching agility. Nadine has taught at Bo-Gee, New England Agility Team (NEAT), and Riverside Canine as well as at the Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation Department in Washington.

She has competed with her dogs, Coco and Rubens, at USDAA, NADAC, and AKC trials. Coco has earned her USDAA Masters titles in Standard, Snooker, and Jumpers and also her NADAC Elite titles. Rubens earned his AKC and NADAC Novice titles before having to retire due to an injury. Nadine is now preparing her newest dog, Twinkie, for competition. Twinkie is a newly-certified Therapy Dog, who recently earned her TDI. She needs only 3 more points to finish her breed championship. She has gone Best of Breed over Specials at her 4 most recent trials.


Judy Regan brings a strong combination of practical competition experience and formal training to Fit-N-Trim. She started training more than a decade ago when she and her husband, Mike, adopted Livey, a beautiful mixed-breed puppy. She first trained Livey in Obedience and then, after watching a demo at the Topsfield Fair, caught the agility bug, which led her to Karen and Fit-N-Trim in 2004. In January of 2009, after only a few years of competition, Judy and Livey brought home a C-ATCH. Judy now has three Border Collies, Reese, Amber and Rush, and she competes in CPE, AKC and USDAA. Reese now has his C-ATCH2 and C-ATE and Amber has her C-ATCH. Reese is working on his Excellent and Masters titles in AKC.

Judy’s interest in training soon made her want to teach…particularly at the Beginner and Advanced Beginner Agility…because she recognized the importance of a strong foundation for dogs starting their agility careers. Since beginning to teach in 2010, she has taken a variety of classes and seminars including Control on Leash and Dealing with Reactive Dogs. She has also taken a series of Prime Time Seminars specifically designed for young dogs just starting agility. Judy has also started training the OneMind method.



Kris started with her first dog in 1985, a Rough Collie that did obedience, herding and tracking. Her first Smooth Collie was ranked the #1 obedience Collie in the nation and has over twenty-five all-breed HITs. He was the first Smooth Collie to place in the prestigious Gaines and World Series tournaments and to be invited to the AKC Obedience Nationals.

Kris’s first Border Collie introduced her to the sports of agility and breed competition. Kris has finished four AKC champions herself and has many agility titles. Her focus when teaching obedience and agility is first to ensure that both dog and handler are having fun. She has a keen eye for footwork and body language that enhances the performance of the handler/dog team.


Bunny has been working with animals almost all her life. As a child she raised and showed English Lop rabbits with the Great Scott 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Club. She also showed horses. Wanting to make animals a career, she majored in animal science at Mount Ida College with a focus on veterinary technology. While at Mount Ida and after graduation, she worked as a vet tech in Topsfield and North Andover. In 1997 she became an animal curator at the Museum of Science in Boston, overseeing the care of its live animal collection. Working at the museum gave Bunny the opportunity to work with a large variety of animals including invertebrates, reptiles, mammals, birds, and amphibians. She has trained many of the animals including a bobcat, woodchuck, opossum, meerkat, porcupines, and chickens.

Bunny’s interest in training dogs began in 1990 when she got her first Belgian Sheepdog, Riggs. Riggs was very special and was a certified Therapy Dog for many years. Her next Belgian, “Strider” came along in 2005. They began training in agility and obedience when Strider was 10 weeks old. Strider has since earned three Rally titles and is now working towards his AKC MACH and CPE C-ATCH titles in agility as well as training in sheep herding. Zev, Bunny’s newest Belgian is a year old and just starting to train in agility. Bunny is also working with her adopted Cocker Spaniel, Wednesday, in agility. In addition to working with wildlife and training her dogs, Bunny has one horse that she competes with in dressage.

Bunny especially enjoys working with beginners and their dogs. She really enjoys watching as they become a team as they have fun learning new skills together.



Kate Witkowski began working with dogs when she was a young teenager. Her first job was working at a boarding kennel and several years later she became the manager of the kennel. At that same time she became intrigued by the veterinary technician world and went on to work at local veterinary hospitals. There she learned so much about dog behavior that she decided to learn more about becoming a dog trainer. While she educated herself on dog behavior and training techniques she worked as a dog daycare manager and began an apprenticeship under two dog trainers that practiced positive reinforcement training. It wasn’t long before she was teaching puppy classes which then turned into teaching basic to advanced manners classes. Kate went on to learn more about teaching agility classes and taught several introductory classes to puppies and dogs. Kate continued to educate herself and fine tune her methods and in 2013 she took over a boarding and training program for young dogs and taught classes at a busy boarding kennel. In 2014 she became a certified dog trainer through the Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and she is a Professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Kate continues to educate herself by attending and watching seminars. She loves teaching people how to communicate with their dogs in order to further strengthen their relationships. 

Kate lives with her husband, Steve and they spend their time enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. They keep busy with their four dogs; a Cattle Dog Mix, a Chow/Corgi Mix and two Catahoula Leopard Dogs. They also have two cats.