Agility Camp


Join Fit-n-Trim Instructors Karen Gorman, Kris Thober, Judy Regan and Christina Hargrove, along with Guest Instructors Amanda Shyne and Terri Cesarek for two full days of agility fun!

This camp is all about having fun with your dog and fellow students while learning more about this sport we love. This is a judgment free zone, relax and have some fun! It is not often you can go to camp with your best friends in your back yard!

Camp will consist of 3 groups, limited to 10 teams per group.  If you are not sure which group you fit into , or have any questions, please e mail Karen at

COMPETITION GROUP (Amanda and Terri)
  For dogs that are already competing at the Excellent / Masters level.
  Competition Group will work on:
         Saturday:  Morning: Course Work – Terri, sand ring
Afternoon: Skills / Course Work – Teri, sand ring
   Sunday:  Morning: Commitment on the run – Amanda, arena
Afternoon: Course Work – Amanda, arena

ADVANCED GROUP (Amanda and Terri)
  For dogs running sequences and courses, but may not be fully trained on see saw or weave poles
  Advanced Group will work on:
         Saturday:  Morning: OB Commitment– Amanda, arena
Afternoon: Course Work – Amanda, arena
   Sunday:  Morning: Focus on Crosses (FC, BC, RC) – Terri, sand ring
Afternoon: Course Work  – Terri, sand ring

NOVICE GROUP (Christina, Karen, Kris and Judy
  For dogs running short sequences. These dogs can sequence jumps, tunnels and A-frame. We will not be using the see saw and poles in sequences.
  Novice Group will work on:
         Saturday:  Morning: Foundation Games for focus and speed* – Christina, grass
Afternoon: Jumps and Crosses** – Karen, grass
   Sunday:  Morning: 2-On-2-Off Contacts and Seesaw***Kris, grass
Afternoon: Games  – Judy, grass

*Foundation Games for Focus & Speed: Is your dog sniffing, zooming, too slow, or out of control? This session will teach you skills you need to get the teamwork you want. Learn to evaluate your dog’s arousal level and the exercises that will help you get the focus and energy level you want. Whether your team needs more motivation or more control, these quick, easy behaviors will get you and your dog in the game and ready to run.

**Jumps and Crosses:  In this session we will work on front crosses, Rear crosses, and blind crosses. We will break them down into skill work. Then we will practice them is short fun jumpers courses.

***2-On-2-Off Contacts and Seesaw: We’ll work on teaching the dog the 2-on-2-off position on different “obstacles”, and teach them (and you!) a reliable release cue. We’ll discuss and show the most common training mistakes we make with some fun games. You’ll be amazed to learn how much we actually help them when we think we aren’t!!

Then we’ll move to some seesaw work – getting the dogs comfortable being on the seesaw. We have some position training, some “Bang” games, and some work moving along the board between two tables. You’ll learn the process of teaching a confident seesaw!!


Amanda Shyne has been competing in dog agility for 15 years. She and her Border Collie, Dilly, were the 2007 and 2009 USDAA Northeast Regional Grand Prix of Dog Agility winners inthe 22″ class. In 2014 they won the Northeast Regional Performance  Grand Prix in the 16″ class. The team was also a USDAA Dog Agility Steeplechase finalist at the Cynosport World Games in 2008 and 2009, and a USDAA Grand Prix of Dog finalist at the World Games in 2007, 2008, and 2009, placing 3rd in 2008. At the 2010 AKC National Agility Championships, Amanda and Dilly won the AKC International Jumpers class and the combined International Jumpers/Standard class.  In 2017 she and her 2 year-old BC Joker placed second in the USDAA Northeast Regional Grand Prix 24” class. 


Agility became Terri’s passion in 1993 when she and her mixed breed dog, Mandy discovered the game. Since then she has trained three other dogs – Chase!, Shine and Rise to their USDAA Agility Dog Championships along with competing with them nationally. Each of them taught Terri about consistency and good foundation training. The journey has continued with her youngest dog, Crest who will ultimately be her best teacher as she learns to look outside of the box to help Crest deal with life. “Crest is an amazing athlete and can perform so well in some environments, but the competition environment is not yet a good one for him. He is not a one size fits all kind of dog as far as training methods go and I am grateful for all he teaches me every day.  He has pushed me to look outside of the box in my training which has greatly enhanced my teaching in my classes. They say you get the dog you need…”

Terri’s dogs all are wonderful teachers constantly reminding her how important the relationship between dog and handler is not just for agility, but for life. It is a key element in her training, as she helps her students realize the joy of training their own canine companions. Her approach to training is not a cookie-cutter method as she will evaluate each team looking to bring out their very best. Whether an individual wants to compete at the national level or play in their backyard, her focus is on a solid foundation which is the building block necessary for whatever level the team wishes to pursue. Coaching people on finding a clear, consistent handling method to provide the best connection with their dog on course is Terri’s goal in working with each dog and handler.  o further her own education, she attends numerous seminars and camps striving to learn all she can to improve her handling and teaching skills. Terri teaches weekly classes and private lessons along with occasional workshops and seminars.