Online Classes


Yes, you can work on what you need from the comfort of your own home. Check out the 6 reasons why online dog training can help you and your dog.

  1. EXPERIENCE: You receive the same expertise, guidance, and immediate feedback as an in-person session.
  2. CONVENIENCE: No travel time , scheduling is very flexible and convenient.
  3. PERSONALIZATION: With any internet connected device and camera we can see any problem you are having with your dog, and come up with a training plan that fits your needs.
  4. SAFETY: Meeting virtually prevents the spread of any communicable diseases.
  5. FEEDBACK: During online lessons you receive guided step by step instructions and immediate feedback. 
  6. SUCCESS: You and your dog absolutely can be successful with online training  sessions as you would be with in person sessions.


A fun game to play with your dog while stuck inside. You don’t need a lot of equipment just a room, some boxes and food. It’s easy training as your dog already knows how to smell, and it helps to further a relationship between the person and the dog. Any age or dog can play, even dogs that may have physical limitations. It encourages mental and physical stimulation while employing positive training using a dogs natural ability.

In addition to just having fun with your dog, this type of activity establishes a foundation for finding an odor in varying types of search areas (for sport as well as just fun training). Have fun and enjoy the time with your dog.

  • 4 week class on a private facebook group, go at your own pace
  • Post videos of your progress
  • Ask questions, join discussions
  • Open Enrollment $25
  • 4 lessons beginning May 4
  • Access to lessons and group through July 31



  • 6 week class on a private Facebook group, go at your own pace
  • COVID-19 Special $75 for 6 weeks plus 4 months access! A steal at this price!
  • Ask questions and post videos for feedback. Includes an additional 4 months of access to materials after the 6 week course is done.
  • Enrollment opens April 10. The first 3 weeks are available, the rest will be added by the week.
  • Dogs need to be approximately 10 months old (Your dog needs to be mature enough to do repetitive training. We usually say once their growth plates are closed which varies by breed)

Who is this for?

  • This method of teaching weave poles is great for beginners/dogs who are just starting to learn weaves.
  • This method is for you, too! You know who you are: you feel like you’ve been working on weaves with guide wires for months (years?) but are stuck in the “IN BETWEEN”. Your dog weaves great—with guide wires—but can’t seem to get to the next level.
  • Your dog weaves but you just don’t have the speed you had hoped for.
  • Your dog is pretty good but struggling with entrances at speed (or not at speed).
  • Or anyone who is bored with this isolation and wants something to do.

No Excuses!

  • No weave poles?
  • Not a problem. I will show you how to make very inexpensive 2x2s
  • I’ve already trained with channel weaves, I don’t want to confuse my dog.
  • You will not confuse your dog!  Many trainers use this in addition to other methods. This method will help you fine tune what you already have.
  • It feels like I’m taking a step back with my weave training.
  • Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward: consider it back chaining.
  • I don’t have time.
  • REALLY??



An online class that can be done at home!!

The German Turn — used in a S-pattern on a jump when the handler needs to switch sides. Learn this handling move at home using one jump and an easy step-by-step approach through video feedback!  

  • This 4 week class is given through a private FaceBook group.
  • New lessons and videos will be released each Sunday in April, once the class starts. This gives you time to review the homework, then practice and submit your own video and/or questions for instructors Karen and Kris to provide feedback, make recommendations or provide some helpful hints.
  • You will also get to learn from watching other students’ videos and questions!
  • The videos and comments will remain for two more months from the end of class to let you re-visit the material or try it with another dog.
  • Starts now! Just click the link below to register and pay, and you will be added to the group!

Open Enrollment $25
Access to class through June 30


Fit-n-Trim is now offering online private lessons. Lessons will be available on Zoom. Compelete the sign up form and Karen will be in touch to arrange your lesson with you.

  • 15 min: $15
  • 30 min: $45
  • 40 min: $60 
  • hour : $90