Scent Work

PRIVATE LESSONS are currently available through zoom or Skype.
Small GROUP MANNERS CLASSES are available online through zoom or Facebook.
Call 978-948-2745 for more info or to book a lesson.

We realize that young dogs especially need training at that critical young age so we will be trying to accommodate them as soon as possible and by whatever means possible. We will also try to open up ring rentals, private lesson and small outside classes as soon as possible. At FNT we are committed to everybody’s safety and we will do are part to lessen the impact of this virus. We thank you for you patience and understanding in these hard times. Please stay in touch , we will all need to stick together.

If you have questions or problems call 978-948-2745.


Scent detection helps build relationships between handlers and their dogs. It provides an enriching activity for dogs and handlers, young or old, shy or bold, able-bodied or those with decreased mobility. As long as your dog has a nose, they will love scent detection.

Scent Work class meets 6:30 PM on Fridays. If you are interested in joining this class, please contact Karen at